Friday, June 23, 2017

Five Minute Friday - STEADY

Steady, steady

Hold on, almost there

I've got you

Just a few more feet

Sweat dripped down my back

The vast desert of Phoenix opened up before me at the summit of Squaw Peak

Like others before me I slowly shuffled my feet in a 360 to view the warming beauty of hundreds of dry mountains lifting all around me

Heat waves shimmered on the paved roads like mirages of clear water

Saguaros reached to the faded blue sky

Tiny wisps of clouds hung in the air waiting for their mates

The cactus wren called for her mate from inside the budding narrow leaves of the palo verde

Lizards scampered

A shiny blue-black raven moved from one wall to another in search of crumbs, croaking

No calming city lights now, it was early morning, before the true heat arrived, pushing down on your head like a little brother being a pest while you watched TV



It was a success. I had made it to the top with the help of his steady hand.

Descending we passed joggers, hikers on their third trip up of the day and 80 somethings that moved like 30 somethings

But that day I did not compare myself. I had made it to the top for the first time.

The next time would be easier

… and I wouldn't need a hand to steady me

Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Minute Friday - WORTH

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How much is that worth? Really? Is it worth that much?

How can I tell if it's worth it ... worth my time ... worth my money ... worth my attention

Especially when there is so much in the world and it all seems worthy of my time, money, attention

So I choose, feel good about my choice, cherish it ...

Then I notice something else that looks better and then the guilt sets in ... maybe, just maybe this new thing is also worth my time, money, attention ... maybe

Can't I have both?

But you are worth so much more than many sparrows

He became human for me

He remained human even when people rejected Him, betrayed Him ... and they sure didn't thank Him.

Was it worth it?

Yes! All the way around - my life is better, my spirit is better, my soul is secure, I am free to love God and serve Him and listen to Him and battle my dustiness to become more like Him

and love

It was worth it because now I am loved

and can love, truly love, in return.

Silver and gold have I none ...


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Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Minute Friday: EXPECT

from pixabay
What do you expect? When you do that … when you make that decision … when you say that thing you always say …

unrealistic expectations

I expect you to obey

I expect you to complete all the course work and do even more than that to earn extra credit because You Can

I expected you to do better

But what does God expect

God expects a lot: perfection, holiness, obedience, loving others unconditionally …

But God knows we are made of dust and He made a way for us to be and do all those things.

Because I have Jesus I have perfection – His Perfection.

Because I have Jesus I have holiness – His Holiness.

Because I have Jesus I have obedience – His Obedience.

Because I have Jesus I have love – His Unconditional Love.

I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me.

I am complete in Jesus.

I am wearing Jesus' Holiness in the sight of God.

I have the strength to obey because I get that power from Jesus.

I can love people unconditionally because I am forgiven and Jesus imputes His righteousness to me – to love others as He did while He was here on earth and right now and forever in heaven.

And now I expect -

To Grow

Friday, June 2, 2017

Five Minute Friday - Future

I had a wonderfully successful imaginary future

concert pianist
famous writer

I used to think about the future – a lot

how was I going to please my parents
how was I going to make it through college … all four years … the college they wanted me to go to
how I was going to handle life in front of a class full of children
how was I going to find that perfect man so that I could live happily ever after

Then I planned my future

my five-year plan
my day timer
my list of goals and how to achieve them breaking them down into little tiny actionable to-dos and boxes to check off

Then I came to the end of myself and realized I was not enjoying my life much

and I stopped thinking so much about the future
and thought about today
and listened to God
and did the crazy things He told me to do – well, most of them anyway

I still think about the future from time to time, but just the important stuff

praying for my children, my husband, my friends
looking forward to the next season when the season I am in gets long and hard

and always always

looking to my perfect house in my perfect yard with all my perfect friends and family in that beautifully perfect city of peace that we call


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Friday, May 26, 2017

Five Minute Friday: VISIT

I would love to visit you some day - but I don't know where you live

flo222 / Pixabay
I want to visit you - but we live so far away and I just don't have the vehicle that will make it there in one piece

I know you said "please visit" - but there just isn't the money to do any traveling this year ... maybe next year

I think about you and I want to visit you - but, well, you know we can't see each other anymore

I know you want me to visit - but the last time we met the lunch date ended in anger and bitterness ... and then I got a migraine

I miss you so so much - but I can't get there from here ... "there is a great gulf between me and thee" - but one day

I know I should visit you - but I'm tired, I'm busy, I'm tied up, I'm working, I have so many responsibilities ...


I'm so glad we came for a visit! What a wonderful time we had! We must do it again -


Friday, May 19, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Truth


Trust in God - He is Trust

Trust God will carry you through it

Trust in God

He is always with you, even when you can't feel Him

Be still and know that God is God, the Maker of the Universe, the Protector of the innocent, the Provider of all our needs, the Lover of our souls, The Father who wants us to live with Him in heaven, The One who gives us strength, The One who leads us, The One Who Sees, The Father who sacrifices His Son, The God who gives us His Spirit to lead us and guide us and and give us insight into our life and the people around us and the spiritual secret place

Trust God

He created you and does not leave you alone


He is here right now as you read this

He is in your pain, holding your hand, hugging you, telling you it will be okay, just hold on one more day, one more hour, one more moment


Remember all He has done for you – that stupid thing you did and you are still alive – those horrible decisions you made and He came to save you – the cruel things you said and you are still friends – the tragedies, the accidents, the sicknesses, the bad grades, the failures – all the things you forgot to do -


God has forgiven you – rest in the blood of Jesus – rest in the power of the Holy Spirit -

Rest in the Love of God

Trust Truth

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Peter and Wendy Redux

You begged for me
in your quiet boyish way

And I came to you

And we played together
battles and building
music and art
legends and stories

You were Peter
I was Wendy

You took me to Neverland
and we laughed

It was an innocent love filled with root beer floats and old music

You held me once in a pure white hug
Playmates forever

But not for your mother wife
who saw the dragon friendship between us

She wanted to be my controlling mother too
but I wanted to be your tree house wife
free to live in Neverland with you
fighting wars without death
baking cakes, rich and gooey, with happy endings

I awoke
I was not a wife or a playmate
I was just a searching, lonely moon

She was the mother earth sun wife before I was born
and held the power of your nature and creation in her blazing hand

and you couldn't play with me anymore

You went home, harshly chastised

The true wife mother cast Peter and Wendy out of Netherland
forbidden to return

She was your first Wendy
your wife
your mother
your closest friend
the gatekeeper who held the key through which all your friends must pass

Saddened and even a little afraid, Peter said, “I have to go home now.” and left without his kiss,
the kiss still hidden in the box

The new Wendy would have opened the box and given the kiss to Peter gladly
But she had waited too long
and now it was forbidden

Now Wendy stays at home knitting, waiting for Peter, any Peter, to return
as Peter secretly searches for yet another Wendy, never realizing the story will once again

repeat itself