Friday, May 19, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Truth


Trust in God - He is Trust

Trust God will carry you through it

Trust in God

He is always with you, even when you can't feel Him

Be still and know that God is God, the Maker of the Universe, the Protector of the innocent, the Provider of all our needs, the Lover of our souls, The Father who wants us to live with Him in heaven, The One who gives us strength, The One who leads us, The One Who Sees, The Father who sacrifices His Son, The God who gives us His Spirit to lead us and guide us and and give us insight into our life and the people around us and the spiritual secret place

Trust God

He created you and does not leave you alone


He is here right now as you read this

He is in your pain, holding your hand, hugging you, telling you it will be okay, just hold on one more day, one more hour, one more moment


Remember all He has done for you – that stupid thing you did and you are still alive – those horrible decisions you made and He came to save you – the cruel things you said and you are still friends – the tragedies, the accidents, the sicknesses, the bad grades, the failures – all the things you forgot to do -


God has forgiven you – rest in the blood of Jesus – rest in the power of the Holy Spirit -

Rest in the Love of God

Trust Truth

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Peter and Wendy Redux

You begged for me
in your quiet boyish way

And I came to you

And we played together
battles and building
music and art
legends and stories

You were Peter
I was Wendy

You took me to Neverland
and we laughed

It was an innocent love filled with root beer floats and old music

You held me once in a pure white hug
Playmates forever

But not for your mother wife
who saw the dragon friendship between us

She wanted to be my controlling mother too
but I wanted to be your tree house wife
free to live in Neverland with you
fighting wars without death
baking cakes, rich and gooey, with happy endings

I awoke
I was not a wife or a playmate
I was just a searching, lonely moon

She was the mother earth sun wife before I was born
and held the power of your nature and creation in her blazing hand

and you couldn't play with me anymore

You went home, harshly chastised

The true wife mother cast Peter and Wendy out of Netherland
forbidden to return

She was your first Wendy
your wife
your mother
your closest friend
the gatekeeper who held the key through which all your friends must pass

Saddened and even a little afraid, Peter said, “I have to go home now.” and left without his kiss,
the kiss still hidden in the box

The new Wendy would have opened the box and given the kiss to Peter gladly
But she had waited too long
and now it was forbidden

Now Wendy stays at home knitting, waiting for Peter, any Peter, to return
as Peter secretly searches for yet another Wendy, never realizing the story will once again

repeat itself

Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Mom

Mom is always encouraging
Mom loves me even when I screw up
Mom sent me flowers for my first five Mother's Days
Mom always remembers my birthday and spoils me
Mom always always sends tons of gifts to all seven of my children on Christmas
Mom lives in Arizona and can identify every bird and plant indigenous to the area
Mom writes me letters from their campsite in Shelter Cove, California
Mom loves to camp and write and watch birds
She doesn't like doing the dishes or cleaning house because there is so much more fun stuff to do
She was there to help when I fell down, graduated from high school, graduated from college, moved to Wisconsin, moved to Ohio, got married, had my babies,
She came to visit with Dad as much as she could ... my oldest daughter's wedding, my fourth child's wedding
Mom will always be there for me until the day she is no longer able.

... and I hope I can be there for her.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Should

I hate the word should.

I hate the word "hate" even more ... but "should" is the word of the day.

I should be doing the dishes, vacuuming, starting supper, emailing that blogger I want to do a guest post for, organizing the upstairs and sweeping up the bugs that collect up there.

I should be picking up the floor and getting my office organized so I can think better.

I should really get a "real" job since this one isn't paying much right now ... but I'm working on it. And I SHOULD work on it, right? because THIS is what I want to do. This is my SHOULD.


- love God and obey Him and listen to His Voice
- loving my family and taking care of them and praying for them
- loving my husband and helping him with his projects and goals
- studying blogging and WordPress since I am learning that to help me connect with more readers
- Write
- Finish editing my novel so my beta readers get to see it ... I promised it to them such a long time ago
- write what I do, feel, what I think, reason, what I see as my dream, my destiny, my calling

I SHOULD write!

What a wonderful prompt for today! Thank you #fmfparty!!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Yes


God, all Your promises are YES.
I still haven't found them all, but I'm still reading, learning …
and each one added to the rest if amazing
and they are all YES

God, did Jesus really pay my way? YES.
God, do I really get to live in heaven forever with You? YES.
God, You love me? You are with me? You give me Your strength for the battles that sharpen me? YES. YES. YES.

After I die I rise again? Just like Jesus?


(2 Corinthians 1:19-20) (rhtm)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday

God, I sit by the grave of this relationship, waiting for You to roll away the stone.

We need a resurrection.

My friend is entombed in lies from the enemy, carrying chains of past ugliness, lugging a load of guilt that isn't theirs to carry.
My friend can be free, but somehow, they aren't.
Maybe they don't want to be.
Maybe they like the idea of showing the world how hurt they are; it's their identity.
Maybe they are afraid of dropping it all, because they don't know what happens next.
Maybe my friend still has that teenage, rebellious heart, independent, “free”, not needing anyone, wanting to run away again, “there's nothing for me here.”

God, I know how it's supposed to work, I think, It's so simple and so incredibly difficult.
I listen. I realize. I stop, turn around and run to You. I confess and You give me peace; wonderful, healing peace. You hold out Your Strong Arm and pull me back to You and the road we are on together. It was hard for me and for such a long, long time I didn't take You Hand. I ignored You. I argued with You.

Somehow in that process that repeats itself over and over my pride will well up and yell, “No!” … but I don't listen to it anymore, because my pride is off the path I'm on with You, yelling from the ditch as I pass. Throwing stones.

God, break my friend's pride, pull it off and throw it in the ditch.
Bury it.
Entomb it.
Cast it as far as the east if from the west.

So that they can hear that still small voice. The one that calls them out of the cave …
… to You.
(I Kings 19:11-13) (rhtm)

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Good Day

Good Friday

Father, this day is a good day, today is Good Friday and it's the best day of the year and the best day to celebrate.

All my life I was forced to be silent on this day, introspective and full of guilt, mourning for someone I didn't know.

But not today.

All my life: no TV, speak softly, no playing outside.
“But what am I to do?”
“Go read a book or something. Just go to your room and think.”
The door closes. The discussion is over.
What did I do wrong?

And magically at 3 pm we are freed, my brother and me, to do what we want. But I can't shake the lingering oppression of guilt. I don't want to watch TV. I don't want to go outside. My joy is gone.

Father, I understand now. I know for whom I mourn. There must be a pause. There must be a searching of the heart. And today I will.

Father, I embrace the paradox of this good day. The best day. The worst day.

No words will ever be enough. The only thing I have is me, in worship and praise, in listening and wondering, in hearing and obeying …

My whole life this day will bring me joy!
(Mark 15:33-34)(rhtm)