Friday, July 28, 2017

Five Minute Friday: INSPIRE

I am inspired by everything:

a sunrise
the kittens playing in the yard
the birds at the feeder
a new wild flower
a strange seed pod

the pastor's message
a new song
an old favorite symphony

an expertly written sentence
a poem with life flowing inside
a good book with a gripping plot and crazy characters

the aroma of bread
an idea that just popped into my head
the bridge I cross when I drive to town
a field of hay rolls
a clear-black sky full of stars

a conversation at the coffee shop
a fight in the parking lot
a discussion over the potatoes and onions
a mom yelling at her child
a wife berating her husband

a tree

a gift
a card
a letter
junk mail
the newspaper
a pretty magazine

I am inspired by things I do like dishes, walking, singing, playing piano 

I am inspired by things I learn like better blogging, book reviewing, Bible study and karate

I'm inspired by:

a story on the news
a program on television
a walk on my property
a hike in the woods
climbing my driveway in the winter to get the mail

a well-known Bible passage read as if for the first time

As long as I am inspired, the wonder in my heart stays alive. As long as I am inspired I can inspire others.