Saturday, July 22, 2017

Five minute Friday – STEADY

I want a man that is steady. One I can depend on. One that takes care of me, helps me, teaches me, inspires me, encourages me when I feel stuck or when I fail, cheers me on, compliments the way I look, tells me he loves me, tells me he needs me, talks to me …

and listens

really listens

that steady listening that means he really cares, he really wants to get to know me better

even though we've known each other for years and years

but, I can't have what I want. Doesn't that always seem to be the case? In everything?

Must I always struggle with an over-stretched budget, ailing vehicles, breaking-down house, limping appliances, broken porch and broken dreams?

Yes, I must.

Because, in this way, I found the Man who is The Steady One, the One I can depend on. The One that takes care of me, provides for me, cares for me, helps me when I'm in trouble, teaches me through His Word …

My Inspiring Spirit

My Encouraging Counselor

My Cheerleader

He tells me I'm perfect, I'm whole, I'm beautiful, I'm who I am supposed to be, right now, in all this mess

He tells me He needs me, He loves me

And everything He allows into my life is for my good, teaching me a new life lesson, making me stronger, wiser

Making me more me to be used for His crazy purposes

to be the me He has planned all along

The Steady Creator who planned for me before the beginning of time

… and He listens … really listens

and understands


I'm a little late for Five Minute Friday, but I wanted to share anyway ... enjoy!