Love To Write Every Day

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Love to Write Every Day is for students, parents, teachers and writers. This book has been copied and edited many times over the past 15 years. CreateSpace offered a fresh face. I accepted.

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to write something today!

I Write

Ever since I could hold a crayon, I've been writing letters, poems, stories and thoughts. I used to think everyone loved to write.
I was teaching third and fourth grades when I first noticed that most of the students hated the writing assignments. "I hate writing," they would confess to each other. I didn't much like the curriculum either. The assignments seemed meaningless and arbitrary. My class would sit there with empty looks, staring at empty lined paper, looking with longing eyes out of the windows, squirming in their seats. Some would scribble something just to get done. Some just couldn't write anything. How could I get them to love writing?
After getting permission from my principal, I spent most of a paycheck on three-ring binders and paper for all my students. I asked my class to write in their journal every day. It could be a picture, or thoughts, or a poem, or a Christmas list, or just words. Next to SSR (sustained silent reading) I added SSW (sustained silent writing) in my lesson plan book.
"Write in your journal every day," I told my class. "I won't take off for spelling or grammar. Write from the exercise on the board, or write one of your own. If you write for me today, no matter what it is, you get an A."
This announcement was enough to motivate the gifted students to write pages and pages. The struggling writing students seemed relieved that I had given them a realistic assignment with no hidden trick questions. Some wrote one word. I honored this and asked them to write two words the next day. It became a game - a game that encouraged them to write more and more.
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These tips are from an early writing workshop I gave at the Galion Public Library. Hope it helps! Enjoy!
- Don't define yourself. Try different forms of writing.
- Do some writing every day. Anything. Every Day.
- Write whatever is on your mind: even the ugly things. You can always have a bonfire.
- Keep a notebook with you all the time.
- Write to music. Write in the park. Write in the car in a Walmart Parking Lot. Write from photos. Write after a family get-together. Write after a movie/concert/play/tour/trip. Write on the roof of a downtown building. Write in the middle of nowhere.
- Write from your heart.
- Be yourself or your writing will be plastic.
- Always keep something to yourself. People don't have to read everything you write.

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